Has your dog has been bumping into walls or furniture? Has your pet been blinking excessively, or squinting? Have your pet’s eyes been red or cloudy or secreting a discharge? Maybe you’ve noticed a bulging of the eyes or an opaque film on the eyes? These symptoms may indicate that your pet has an eye condition that requires treatment from your veterinarian. Unfortunately, our pets can’t tell us when their vision is blurry or when they have pain that you can’t see. Routine wellness visits are important to the overall well-being of your pets including having their eyes checked by a certified veterinarian.

Common eye conditions for dogs and cats include issues such as glaucoma, cataracts, eyelid tumors, retinal diseases, conjunctivitis and dry eyes. Glaucoma, found most often in dogs, is characterized by a painful pressure inside the eye that increases and causes damage to the retina and the optic nerve, and eventually can cause blindness. Dry eyes are often inflamed due to a lack of tear production. Debris and bacteria build up in the eye and cause the production of a thick yellow-green discharge.

If you notice any of the above symptoms, schedule an appointment with Dr. Williams at Meridian Animal Clinic and have your pet’s eyes checked. Treatments for eye conditions can often be treated with medication, but sometimes require surgery. Dr. Williams is experienced in the area of ophthalmology and can perform an examination of your pet’s eyes and determine the best treatment if treatment is necessary.