In-Clinic Diagnostics

The in-clinic diagnostic capability at Meridian Animal Clinic provides Meridian pet owners with on-site routine testing of your pet’s blood chemistry to determine the overall health of your special friend.

Bloodwork values are extremely important in veterinary medicine, because our pets are unable to verbally communicate with us and let us know that they aren’t feeling well. In fact, dogs and cats will often tend to hide painful conditions due to their survival instincts.

These diagnostic tests can indicate a condition that may not be seen from the outside. Results from these blood tests can:

  • • Detect infection and anemia
  • • Determine electrolyte status and hydration level
  • • Check the immune system and the blood’s ability to clot
  • • Evaluate kidney, liver and pancreas function
  • • Screen the thyroid for Cushing’s or Addison’s Disease
  • • Check blood sugar levels
  • • Other routine tests performed on-site include fecal analysis, urinalysis and testing for parasites.

Having this on-site capability enables Dr. Williams to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to care for your pet’s complete health care needs from routine physical examinations to complicated diseases and cancer evaluation. It allows our doctor to diagnose your pet’s condition quickly and efficiently so that he can start the necessary treatment that will get your pet feeling better as soon as possible.