Dental Care

Did you know that one of the most neglected aspects of pet health is dental care? Did you also know that by providing your pets with regular dental care you can actually extend their life span?

As with people, oral disease in pets begins with bacteria in the mouth that harden and form plaque that adhere to teeth. If these bacteria are not removed through regular care and cleaning by a veterinarian, they will continue to accumulate, harden into tartar, and can eventually lead to the development of periodontal disease. Constant swallowing of these bacteria can potentially cause damage to major organs of the body such as the heart, liver and kidneys.

At Meridian Animal Clinic, we understand that you want to keep your pets healthy for as long as possible. We encourage annual dental exams and cleaning because this preventive care can increase the life span of your pet tremendously.

Our pets will often do their best to hide painful conditions. If you notice your pets illustrating some of the symptoms listed below, it may be that they are suffering from periodontal disease.

  • • Bad breath
  • • Blood in the saliva
  • • Drooling
  • • Loose teeth
  • • Lack of eating due to the pain in the mouth
  • • Weight loss

If you have never had your pet examined and treated for dental care, or if you think your pet is showing signs of periodontal disease, please call and schedule an appointment today.